Information Box – Cruisers Control. Port of Cartagena

Cruise Platform. Port of Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
Cartagena City Council
17.527 €
Superficie construida
5,00 m2
22,50 m3
Martín Lejarraga's Office
Daniel Ruiz (Arch.), Julian Lloret (Draftsman)
David Frutos

The information box is located in the Cruise Terminal in the Port of Cartagena. It is installed by the Port Authority and the Cartagena Town Council, in order to give information about the city services and to control the entry of the cruise passengers.

The work inside the cubicle must fulfill some conditions:

– It is important to give the information, orientation and tourist map… These activities must be done by the Council staff.
– Documents and passport has to be controlled by Authority Port staff.

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This little object is another piece of port information. It is something similar to a signal, or a lighthouse, that can be visible either from the sea, or from the port. Because of this, it has this size, this colour and this shape.

The main characteristics are: the scale, geometry, colour and light (it is more important at daytime than at night time).

The object is different in each side to separate the uses, although it has a small size. On the south it is the information attention; on the West, next to the door is the access to the city.

The principal volume is a homogenous box, and it has several colours and sizes to difference the uses. This construction has two essential materials: steal pipe 100x100x4mm structure, and colour glass facade.

Now, this building has been replaced for the new cruise terminal extension, that you can see in this web.


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