Multipurpose Boxes. Open Mall. Cartagena

Merced Square 15-16. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
Open Mall. Cartagena City Council
67.360 €
Martín Lejarraga's Office
Patricia Reus (Arch.)
Metalmecánicas Herjimar
Juan de la Cruz Megías

The Project answers to specific requirements: the need in the city of several information points to give attention to the citizens and tourists in different situations (shopping, culture and social activities, neighbourhood parties…).

The boxes situation is not fixed in time, their urban presence is seasonal so they must be mobile and portable. They are a piece of urban furniture, placing in the main squares and streets of the old part of Cartagena city.

The design attends to the program requirements, and takes into account each of the situations proposed, giving a specific answer to all of them. It integrates the geometry, dimensions, materials, orientation…

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The Project uses broken lines and continuous planes in all projections, producing simple, light and ephemeral objects that are very expressive and suitable for their function –a public park or a small square next to and historical building-

The construction

Some minimal volumes are built with unique skins that can be recognizable everywhere, changing between light and open aspect when they are open and a tough image when it is necessary.

The construction is completely in workshop and then the volumes are taken to the chosen place, where they land in a direct way connecting to public services.

The small selection of chosen materials makes possible a simple lecture of the boxes while the specific solution of each one let their identification in each urban space.


Catálogos de Arquitectura nº 10. COAMU