iGarpe Headquarters in San Javier

Mallorca St. 51. San Javier, Murcia
Martín Lejarraga
Electroinformática Garpe, SL
258.995,36 €
Superficie reformada
427,10 m2
Blanca Gutiérrez Fernández, José Javier Botí Sarrió, David Andrés Martin Pozuelo


iGarpe-GPISoft is an electronic and informatic company based in San Javier, Murcia. They are specialized and have a vast experience in the agricultural sector.

The proposal creates a spatial organization where limits between workspaces and common areas are diffused. Open and transparent workspaces enable collaborative environments.

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The common areas, conceptually considered as domestic spaces, create flexible environments for informal meetings, conversations or resting. The specific use of vegetation and colorful furniture elements provides special work experiences for the team and promotes an ecofriendly behavior.

Workspaces and common areas are articulated around an atrium which provides natural light for the vegetation. This central space is conceived as the lung of the installation.The use of natural materials, diverse textures and different pieces of furniture contribute to create a kind work atmosphere.

A large glass surface in the facade insures an abundant supply of natural light in the offices and work areas, whereas the vertical slats regulate privacy and assure comfort in an optimized and sustainable way.

This natural environment serves as a container to the technological innovation the company develops. Offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and workshops coexist in harmony with the leisure and informal areas emphasizing direct relationships between the team.