Fishermen’s Huts. Port of Cartagena

Port of Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
Fishermen's Association. Cartagena

The project includes the demolition of old huts – incompatible with the new arrangement of the port of Cartagena, and the construction of a new body of huts, annexed to the existing ones.

The objective is the rearrangement and treatment of the port area where fishermen work, in a hard environment, due to the developed activity.

The accidental geometry of the new construction – a broken piece in direction NO/SE -, it is explained in the context of the violent fractures of the different docks that are opened in the next marine edge.

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Conceived this way, the piece acquires an abstract, escultural appearance; a neutral object of forceful presence in the harbour landscape, where organizes the group as an authentic referring of the fishing activities.

It is a simple construction, with few materials and a constructive definition that optimizes each element, as well as offers a high durability and little maintenance in a hard environment.

The structural components are projected and executed to keep them seen the interior of the huts, and to serve as direct support the outer shells.


Diccionario de Arquitectura Avanzada METÁPOLIS (*containers)
IX Catalogue Architecture Award 'Región de Murcia'
Catálogo Nombres nº7. Ministry of Development. Madrid
Architectures. Region of Murcia 1982 – 1999. ‘Evolución y Permanencia’


IX Architecture Awards 'Región de Murcia' > Outer Spaces Award