Parish Chapel in ‘Los Camachos’. Cartagena

Los Camachos. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
'Los Camachos' Neighborhood and Parish Association
49.065 €
Superficie construida
175 m2

Parish Chapel “La Milagrosa”

A dream

Neighbourhood and Parish Association in ‘Los Camachos’ try to make an old dream come true. That dream is to have a chapel to celebrate religious services that they have been practicing in shared places with other uses.

the process

Since year 1991, after a plot surrendered from a neighbour, the community representatives, have had several meetings with institutions and collectives to support their initiative.

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the needed

Meeting with people needs, the building is projected as a single volume. The south face has a covered porch, the main access and a stage for open air celebrations. The nave is the main space, with the small parish and the chorus stairs in the south side, while the sacristy faces the north side.

the concept

The parish is thought as a praying space, a space where light and silence meet. The silence with its wish to be and light that brings all presences (Kahn).

The answer is a simple architecture, related to the landscape and the plot, materialized in a lighting space that has to be with the men that will occupy it.

the light

Light is the main material. With its qualities and contrasts, the space takes form, searching for a solemn and friendly atmosphere.

the construction

Because of limited financial means, the project takes advantage of this situation and bets on simplicity, sobriety, the material, texture and colour unity.


FAD Catalogue 2003
XII Catalogue Architecture Award 'Región de Murcia'
METALOCUS nº 12-13
Revista Constructiva nº 02 ‘Revestimientos’
Catálogos de Arquitectura nº 13. COAMU
Catálogos de Arquitectura nº 0. COAMU
Documentos de Arquitectura nº 57


FAD 2003 > Shortlisted
XII Architecture Awards 'Región de Murcia' > Special Mention