Collective Housing, Retail and Parking. ‘Muralla del Mar’ 22, Cartagena

c/ Muralla del Mar, corner. ascent Parque Torres. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
El Mirador de la Muralla S.L.
10.066.000 €
Superficie construida
11.468 m2
Office Team
Beatriz Amann, Patricia Luca, Ana López, Cristina Parreño, Javier Gutiérrez, Daniel Ruiz, Patricia Reus (Architects), Julian Lloret (Draftsman)
Technical Architect
Rafael Checa
Florentino Regalado y Asociados S.L.
Tressa S.A.
David Frutos

Over de ancient city wall of Cartagena, a lot of buildings can be contemplated by visitants who are approaching to city from the sea. In the East corner, as an articulator of the space created by historical buildings such as the Navy Hospital, the Bullring, and the Civil War Museum, appears a building full of colour, which completes de city wall. This building is over another of XIX century that has to be conserved, which will be the pattern of the new construction.

Although the very big volume completed, the transparency and the sky reflection given by the materials used (glass and aluminum), the soft colour of blinds and the dimensions of the volumes that are made by cuts and cracks, make the construction light and transparent.

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The fragmentation of volumes make possible the elimination of some of them as the building rises, this produces an effect of disappearing architecture. The solid is replaced by an empty space of the large terraces that have incredible views of the Cartagena Bay.

The facade is made almost completely of glass to take advantage of the urban situation with amazing views over the sea. The orientation and the warm climate of the city make possible removing the blinds and open the living spaces to the great views.


Vivienda Colectiva Promoción Privada. Colegio Arq. Valencia


Restricted Competition > 1º Prize


PM. Arch. Association. Murcia. COAMU