Apartment M. Port of Cartagena.

Martín Lejarraga Oficina de Arquitectura
Team ML
Martin Lejarraga, Jose M. Mateo, José Javier Botí, Pedro Colao, Daniela Arteaga
David Frutos

Transforming a space into a home requires the understanding of the clients and their needs, giving them what is demanded and also what it is not told. Thus, this project restores a ground floor art gallery into a modern apartment made and customized specifically for their hosts, a couple of art collectors.

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The façade of the space, originally closed, is totally opened to allow the fluid and intense sunlight and fresh air from the port of Cartagena coming in. The rooms are linked with each other throughout a continuous space, visually divided not by walls but by different levels, furniture, lighting, and some curtains.

From floor to ceiling the materials and decoration elements are chosen with care and passion, setting up different interior ambiences within the same inner volume: finishes, installations, furniture and illumination make the atmosphere of the loft comfortable, flexible and joyful.

A house that feels like a hug, says goodbye every morning and welcome each afternoon, a house that changes every day and that is deserved to be lived in.