CECOCRE. Torrepacheco.

Torre Pacheco. Murcia.
Martín Lejarraga
1.040.176 €
Superficie reformada
1.309 m2
Superficie urbanizada
6.271 m2
Technical Architect
Policarpo Sánchez
Mariano Sánchez
Dirección Escuela-Taller
Alicia Antolinos
Architecture photographer
David Frutos
Personal photographer
Clara Ledo

Renovation of the old School Nuestra Señora del Rosario

The transformation of the complex (buildings and surroundings) of the old School our Lady of the Rosary” into the new Centre CECOCRE has been made with a very special tool, a construction training Workshop for young people, composed of 37 members, who made available to the project the practical objectives of its program.

The educational structure of the school, created to give pupils a new job, with exclusive training capacity for the fields of masonry, painting of buildings, electricity and gardening, was essential to establish a project that should be fit to that particular list of resources.

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During the work, the old facilities would house the theoretical and practical activities of the school and , as a result of the curriculum , necessary adjustments will be made to turn the place into the new Center for Knowledge and Creation (CECOCRE) Torre Pacheco. A proper reading had to identify the target program with existing buildings and crafts available.

So we searched the restructuring of outdoor spaces by rethinking the vegetation around the sports facilities, so as to resume connections with the rest of EDUDIS complex, and installation services in the old classrooms were restored.

The construction work for outdoor furniture used the original schoolyard as a natural meeting place for various cultural activities that the building contains. Paints used camouflage patterns to simulate the soft areas and harsh areas and provide domestic character with shades of color, the potential urban living.

The center is fortunate to have been born of a collaboration between funds that remained latent because they had been removed. The current configuration is a direct outgrowth of the work of these young actors. They were intimately involved in the process at the chance to access specialized training and employment. The architecture reflected the transformation literally they lived, and transmits that social vocation of the new program.

Art and craftsmen are glad and proud of that petty miracle that is both cause and consequence.