Natural and Urban Devices. NUDes

Martín Lejarraga Oficina de Arquitectura
Team ML
Martin Lejarraga, Jose M. Mateo, José Javier Botí, Álvaro Sánchez, Pedro Colao, Daniela Arteaga

Natural and Urban Devices (NUDes) are series of architectural add-ons are designed to upgrade existing buildings and incorporate nature into shared public spaces.

NUDes concept offers an accessible and sustainable means of refurbishing, instead of demolishing, buildings. These devices are effectively ‘plugged into’ existing constructions, enabling them to adapt to different conditions, such as a pandemic.

The NUDes add-ons range from miniature forests that can be added onto roofs, to origami-inspired structures that can be attached to existing facades and serve as vertical urban farms, enabling people to produce their own food. Each is designed to be built according to the sustainable standards of the circular economy, following modularity and prefabrication methods.

With the pandemic highlighting the role architecture on our wellbeing, designers are exploring how Pandemic-proof Properties could be built with resilience and adaptability in mind.