Bazán Engines Headquarters . Cartagena

Bazán National Company. Cartagena
Bazán Engines
Martín Lejarraga / Alberto Burgos

We try to give a small sample of the present approach to the offices. We propose the new type of space partitioning of the company headquarters.

An office building is a space for the work organization. And the organization is constantly changing.

Functionality and flexibility generate a floor plan that does not impose temporary conditions: again the “free floor plan”. The neutral space sustained by the structure is limited and divided by a modular layout to improve mobility.

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The organization freedom of the floor plan involves higher freedom in the inner division of spaces and the building installations. Indeed, the technology that characterizes these buildings, progressively suffers an accelerated renovation: they need new free pipelines to place energetic systems.

To the functionality and flexibility objectives, we added the concepts of sobriety, greatness and permanence. The use claims in addition a special attention to the technological innovation. We reject aspects of design and fashion.


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Architecture and Urban Awards 'Region de Murcia' > 1st Prize Interior Design