Scenical Complex. ‘Puertos de Santa Bárbara’. Cartagena

Campo Nubla (Los Puertos de Santa Bárbara de Abajo). Los Marines. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
Neighborhood Association 'Los Puertos de Santa Bárbara'
90.479 €
Superficie construida
131,70 m2
Martín Lejarraga's Office
Daniel Ruiz Zurita (Arch.), Julian Lloret (Draftsman)
Technical Architect
José Manuel García
Tamar – Electrogalifa
David Frutos

A further dimension of landscape

A distorted reality, improved by time, that takes and builds up different shots and views, reflected in the final image. A panoramical assault to the monofocal and canonical perspective.

The intervention is developed in a public plot, belonging to the Puertos de Santa Bárbara de Arriba (Cartagena) Neighbours’ association, where its Rural museum already stands and typical countryside scenes are recreated. It is therefore, a way of recovering, transforming and improving a rural landscape without missing its natural values, by a series of interventions that become the scenery of the typical way of life of the inhabitants of this small neighborhood.

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The scenical complex is placed in the southern extreme of the site, on the very corner of the plot, making possible with it several intentions:

• To leave more free space of the plot.
• To take advantage of the angle in the corner for the development of the piece.
• To come closer to the exterior, to walk around the landscape “from the inside”.

A small stage that not only serves its own purpose of housing performances, but that can also become a trigger and complement for a series of situations that are generated on its surroundings.

Architecture conceived as the conjunction of the activities of people and the requirements of the place.

Over the stage the back of the scene stands, with a double back, two different faces, built in concrete, that delimit the inner space that serves the artists and provides a route on an upper level which pokes out in a sequence through the windows that look over the landscape.

These self supporting concrete walls appear as independent pieces of origami, becoming huge paper birds in the landscape.


Catálogos de Arquitectura nº 16. COAMU
PASAJES de Arquitectura nº 113
La Naval nº 26
Catálogo XVI Premios de Arquitectura Región de Murcia


XVI Architectural Awards Región de Murcia > Special Mention. Landscape Interventions


AM/PM Architects Association. Murcia