Regional Museum of Modern Art in Murcia -MURAM-

Merced Square 15-16. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
General Headship of Culture. Region of Murcia
1.538.520 €
Martín Lejarraga's Office
Julian Lloret (Draftsman)
Technical Architect
Rafael Checa
David Frutos

The purpose of the intervention is to renovate and extend the ‘Palacio Aguirre’ over the adjacent building (which preserves its façade), to be the new Regional Museum of Modern Art in Murcia -MURAM-

The old historical building (“Palacio Aguirre”) is a modernist one from the beginning of XX century and it is listed as a monument. The adjacent building is an eclectic style one, from XX century, and it keeps only its facade (that it has to be conserved too).

The Project integrates both buildings and connects them with the square, leaving the original image of the ‘Palacio Aguirre’ unchanged. The new parts try to offer a contemporary image that is related to the new use, a museum. The adaptation includes the necessary elements to do exhibitions.

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The ground floor is opened to the public square and extends the inner activities, making possible to access fluently and including the information panels is in the facade.

The first and second floors are the principal space of the intervention, behind the main original facade, containing two exhibition rooms each one. The relation between this spaces and the “Palacio Aguirre” is trough a cross circulation axis.

The new building is completed with an attic that is moved back from the facade line, (so that it is in the same volumetric and structural line than the “Palacio Aguirre”). This attic is under a light roof made by louvers, to continue with the volume and the inner section of the ‘Palacio Aguirre’, at the time it makes possible open air exhibitions.


Interventions on Cultural Heritage Reg. Murcia
On Diseño nº 303 ‘Museums Spaces’
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