Interpretation Centre. San Esteban Archaeological Site

San Esteban, Murcia. Spain
Superficie construida
12.534 m2
Superficie urbanizada
15.421 m2
Project Leader
Martín Lejarraga
Experts Team
Ana Pujante Martínez (Archaeologist) / Rosa Plaza Santiago (Restorer)
Mar Melgarejo, Javier Poveda, Juanjo Martínez (Architects) / Julian Lloret (Draftsman) / María José Madrid Balanza, Martín Guillermo Martínez (Archaeologists)

The project integrates the archaeological site of San Esteban in the city by means of a protection roof over the whole intervention that characterizes the place through its morphologic, programmatic, spatial and constructive conditions, making a new public and emblematic place in Murcia.

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Its main values are:

  1. Compatibility of the archaeological site with the public space-square-garden.
  2. Recover the medieval memory with an urban project that enhances the future of the city.
  3. Recover San Esteban garden as an urban fragment that connects the garden network of Murcia.
  4. Attention to the surroundings: Maximum respect to San Esteban Palace / Location of the constructed volume in front of ‘El Corte Inglés’.
  5. New inner and outer habitable topography.
  6. Inner space like place of open work and ongoing process.
  7. Passable and accessible outer square.
  8. Connection between outside and inside in all levels.
  9. Outer space public program for everyone: leisure, cultural, relaxation, sport, infantile…
  10. Great green cover, combination of original natural garden – by roots and species of medieval time – and hydroponic plants with contemporary culture techniques.
  11. Houses courtyard that raise to the outer square: they order the garden / provide natural light to the interior / transfer the archaeological site to the public square making it visible from the street.
  12. Modern museum with internal work rooms and multifunctional exposition areas.
  13. Program opened to the study evolution and investigation of the archaeological site and its contents.
  14. Museum opened to the archaeological site and in permanent relation with it.

A contemporary project that feeds on the old memory – the medieval Murcia – and recent memory – garden of San Esteban -, to produce a new place that appears like an urban reference (a garden), architectonic (a museum and a public square) and cultural (one of the more extensive and intense archaeological sites of Spain) for the Murcia of the future.


AV Proyectos nº51 ‘Urban Size’ -Spain-
ASAJES Arquitectura y Crítica nº123 -Spain-