Masterplan. Technical University of Cartagena. UPCT

UPCT Campus. Cartagena
Martín Lejarraga
Technical University of Cartagena. UPCT
Martín Lejarraga's Office
Javier Poveda, Mar Melgarejo, Sandra Ruiz de Azúa (Architects), Julian Lloret (Draftsman)

Campus of UPCT shows the geographic and historical reality of Cartagena as a Mediterranean city.

The port infrastructures have helped to strengthen the relation between the port and university. This is thanks to the exchange of knowledge, technologies and information between the University community, the companies and institutions that are working there.

The construction of the new whole campus as a global recognizable image will connect the city with the sea through the university services, including the elimination of architectural barriers and improving transports. This generates an urban integration that has a special and specific element: the relation sea-university-city.

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Architectural Heritage

UPCT Campus is a city integrated campus that has added some historical military buildings to its facilities. These buildings belong to the city collective memory and have come with new urban integrations and public spaces, creating a complete image. This strategic actuation is in line with the new policies of the European Excellence Campus.

Public Space

The main objective of the intervention is to promote social awareness about natural heritage and environment, in addition to the creation of a great public space for everyone.

The project integrates green public spaces of metropolitan scale, recovering topographical and historical places in Cartagena of a great presence in the city, such as Despeñaperros Hill, San José, La Concepción, Monte Sacro, free public spaces like Muralla del Mar esplanade, and public squares linked to big urban facilities (military and academic).

All these interventions contribute to create a recognizable image and a wide city area of relationship between Cartagena and university, offering the possibility of realizing social, cultural activities.