Garage for Audi – Volkswagen -PMC-

San Pedro del Pinatar. Murcia
Martín Lejarraga
Pedro Moreno Casanova
76.560 €
Superficie construida
386 m2
Martín Lejarraga / Mónica Lavia

The new construction is oriented to services that complete the present facilities of the Audi-Volkswagen company, mechanic workshop in ground floor and storage of cars in the upper levels.

The building, as much by the application of the city-planning regulations like by the program necessities demands, is developed in two heights and rescues the cover – flat and passable -, as another use plane.

A regular space of concise distribution supported in a strict, modular layout – without unnecessary structural shows -, and a continuous skin with a unitary treatment in the two facades forms the solution of the construction.

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The project integrates the maximum organizational functionality of the space available, with the optimization of the available economic resources:

According to the present technologies – in a building with showcase character of the products that commercializes, cars of the highest range -, soft, simple constructive solutions are used, but at the same time it offers a clear and precise expression of the means processes involved.

The different concrete multilayer planes solve in their thickness all the functions – structural, finished, tread, waterproofing -, while are crossed by the car lift, a movable plane that connects functional and visually all the levels.

The vertical flat continuous cladding made of aluminium and glass, act like a membrane that links the interior and the outside of the building. By its condition of active transparency, the building changes according to the moment of the day and night.


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