Vuela Pluma Art Gallery. Madrid

San Lucas St. 3. 28004 Madrid
Martín Lejarraga
Vuela Pluma Ediciones

The art gallery “Vuela Pluma” is located in the neighborhood of Chueca in Madrid, in a small ground floor area of less than 40 m² where there has been an interior remodeling intervention, from a very tight budget, squeezing the chances of this small space.

The local exhibits the double possibility of the opposite: the closed and the open, and with it the character of what it is folded and unfolded.

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The project shows the mutability of the gallery by applying some simple mechanisms adapted to a flat wall already precut and getting different combinations in sequence and exhibition possibilities; swing doors with different twists and dimensions define the space to be adjusted to the changing needs of the successive exhibitions in techniques, supports and number of pieces of the artworks…

While moving walls fit widths, finishing ceilings modulate the heights, and the use of different, reflective or opaque materials doubled or compressed height feeling associated with the succession of areas.

Furniture, of the own gallery and purchased for the occasion, recycled in any case, with a collage mode layout, to offer at the same time the exhibition and archive, and also changing function modulated as required.