Tourist and Sociocultural Building in Ibiza

Caló de S’oli, Cala de Bou, Sant Josep, Ibiza. Spain
Superficie construida
2.215 m2
Project Leader
Martín Lejarraga
Office Team
Mar Melgarejo, Javier Poveda (Architects) / Julian Lloret (Draftsman)
Carmen Blaya, Nicolás Buendía, Teresa García-Herrera, Javier Montoya (Students)

SPIRAL BUILDING: A simple, kind and effective path that accommodates the program in the most suitable zones. A spiral of tourist and cultural uses that emerges of the ground, where the main public rooms and events are located (auditorium, great exhibitions and events…), going up to get privacy, generating work spaces (business incubator, micro-offices, rooms for meetings…) and finishing in front of to the sea where the restaurant and the rooms with greater flexibility and availability of uses are located (programmable and rentable rooms for events, congresses, conferences, meetings, celebrations…), that allows all the imaginable configurations.

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BIG PUBLIC SQUARE: Due to the building configuration, the lower level isn’t built. This allows to generate a great vegetal carpet, that improves the environmental conditions of the surroundings, being an optimal place for the public events and activities. In addition since the building rises, appear multiple shading spaces that will suit for outdoors exhibitions, workshops, projections and great events, with no need to install auxiliary structures (carps, stands…).

ROOFTOP PUBLIC SPACE: The perfect place for the visitors and the neighbours, to walk and to practice sport, to watch and to be seen. A great route on the upper level of the spiral that connects with the ground floor square and the future boardwalk. In addition people can join this upper route from the different communications cores of the building, allowing total accessibility. It will have great green zones that will improve climatic conditions of the building and will have ecological orchards to supply the restaurant.