The House in the Dry Pool

Spanish Southeast
Martín Lejarraga
Built Area
97 m2 + 27,5 m2

The amount of empty pools is the result of an excess in the offer of a construction system that is no longer sustainable in terms of ecology.

An empty pool is an opportunity to make the best use of a technically equipped place _ thermal insulation, watertightness, installations_ and naturally well oriented _sun and garden_.

The Project stands for the conversion of these abandoned pools into a net of habitable spaces with alternative uses: new houses, expansions, extended home, ateliers…

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Through the use of a green house cell acting as a roof structure and the distribution of the existing base we transform this empty space into an habitable place.

“The house in the dry pool“ is conceived as an architectural action that offers an example of the reutilization of these empty places and the full exploitation of their space and energy.

The evolution of sustainability from the “as found” of the 60´s eco-pop to the revision of “I would prefer not to” of a contemporary new eco-dadá attitude.


Wallpaper nº 125 -Architects Directory '09-


Architecture Biennale – Rotterdam '09