Paez Jewelry. San Javier. Murcia

José Maestre Square. San Javier
Martín Lejarraga
Carmen Páez
61.300 €
Superficie construida
70,50 m2
Team Architects
Mónica Lavia, Patricia Reus
Bastida Instalaciones
Juan de la Cruz Megías

Paez Jewelry is a small commercial premises located in public square. The project takes its original conditions (small dimensions, perpendicular to the street, and the jewelry use) as key points to work with.

Due to the small front line dimension, the showcase becomes deeper a catches de pedestrian users with a fragmented geometry plenty of light, as if they were inside a jewel itself.

The inner space is treated as a linear solution, increasing the sense of depth.

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The construction

The showroom space is possible due to laminated glass, transparent in the front planes and opaque in the stabilization parts. This makes possible to create different exposition areas inside de main one. The small inner showrooms are made or resin panels where the light is kept.

The ceiling and the walls are made of plasterboards so helping to achieve a brighter and wide space.

The wood is used for the flooring and the furniture in opposition to the coldness of the glass and the stainless steel metalwork.


Fram E nº 21 -Netherlands-