Alcobendas Market. Madrid

Alcobendas, Madrid. Spain.
Superficie construida
716,25 m2
3rd Prize
Project Leader
Martín Lejarraga
Mar Melgarejo, Javier Poveda, Isabel Jiménez (Architects), Julian Lloret (Draftsman)

The rehabilitation of the existing Greenhouse as a Market Place is focussed in strengthen to the inner space and original building geometry, keeping interior free and concentrating all the program a. This operation allows a space optimization, as well as the outer connection with the park and other uses.

The shopping experience

The new market contains all the necessary services for commercial activity. Using the central space for users circulation and general leisure, it allows to cross different services in a different way from the traditional commercial corridors. This way, the user shops enjoying the recovered vegetation of the greenhouse, the performances and activities in the multipurpose central space and the comfortable space plenty of resources and possibilities.

Three clear services fortify the market experience, first the fresh products sale, second its tasting in the own leisure space, and third, direct product manipulation. For all these reasons there is a 360º experience around the market gastronomy.

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Versatile Central Space – Park

The project is solved with a great inner and outer connection. A big central space is designed allowing different paths depending on the scheduled activities. It is a public space, with climate protection, that makes possible to enjoy activities with the sensation of being outdoor and taking advantage of the existing structure and the greenhouse views.

Because of being a space of great dimensions, it can lodge from a circus to a sport track, extending the users age rank and the use frequency of the greenhouse.

Different areas are designed for the outer park, integrating the parking zone with vegetation and keeping all the existing tree-covered space, and dispersing parking places inside.

For the garden design, we have chosen plant species of pleasant fragrances, that maximize sensorial experiences during the year.

Energy Resources

The greenhouse recovery bets for a self-sufficient energy space. The inner volume is full of fresh air with different temperature control systems, which allows full use of the building in both winter and summer time. For the energy control the interior space uses a heated floor, supported by windmills in winter, and a solar protection and ventilation for the summer, in the hottest moments supplemented with water spray to increase the feeling of freshness inside.